What is AIMS Fitness?

AIMS Fitness LLC is a fitness company designed to be more than just about exercise. AIMS stands for Accountability, Inspiration, Motivation and Support. AIMS Fitness began as a Facebook group in October 2013. The owner, Jen who is a group fitness instructor, started the group to bring together ladies from various areas of her life that all had the common bond to add exercise to their lives. It was a fun way to exercise together yet be all over the United States. The group helped bring together those wanting fitness in their lives but needed to be held accountable, those who were inspired by others, those that needed that extra motivation and support from others. The Facebook group was successful, so when Jen was looking to officially name her business and start an LLC in September 2014 it made perfect sense to use what she had created and make it her business name as well. In September 2014 AIMS Fitness LLC was created. Jen’s classes are not just about exercise but using all 4 aspects of what AIMS stands for during class as well. AIMS Fitness’ future is bright.

Who is Jen?

Jen Lenzendorf is owner and creator of AIMS Fitness LLC. She is passionate about health & happiness and sharing that passion with others. She loves to see how her passion can impact others. She found her love for fitness as she embarked on her own weight loss journey which began in October 2010. In early 2011 Jen participated in her first group fitness class and fell in love. As she continued on her journey and she began reaching her weight loss goals, she became more confident in herself. After losing over 50# and 40”, she felt confident enough to take her love for group fitness to the next level and became a licensed Zumba® instructor in February 2012. That would be the only group fitness class she taught for almost 2 1/2 years when she started collecting other certifications. In early 2018, she became a Certified Group Fitness thru ACE Fitness. In 2019, she began studying to become a Senior Fitness Specialist. When Jen is not teaching or preparing for classes, she is raising her triplets (Alex, Liz and Zach), enjoying time with her husband and helping others. She also makes sure to continue to feed her personal growth via books, podcasts and other events. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2018, Jen tries to be live each day to the fullest, be intentional with her time and share her gifts with others. Her goal is to continue to keep people moving and living their best life thru fitness.

History of the building

The space that AIMS Fitness LLC now calls home is situated in the middle of the building that was built by Jen’s grandfather Syl in the early 1970s. Her grandfather owned and ran a successful lawn mower and snowmobile repair business that originally started in the 2 car garage that was next to the house on the property in the 1960s. When they first expanded, the portion of the shop to the east of the studio was built. Their business expanded to include a Honda dealership as well so in the 70s the studio portion and large shop were constructed. The studio was the where the parts counter was located and the offices for Jen’s grandmother and grandfather. After her grandparents’ closed shop, Titan Marine rented space for a while. Then in 1993 Jen’s mother and business partner open a successful real estate and construction business. They rented the space until 2001. In 2004 Jen and her husband bought the property but did not rent out the commercial space until now. Jen is the 3rd generation to run a business in this building. The space was remodeled and now is the home to AIMS Fitness LLC.